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A Not So Super Fun Birthday Weekend?

This year I was thinking of having a super fun birthday weekend sort of like the birthday weekend I had a few years back. Maybe having a series of birthday weekends .. you know, like a whole birthmonth. After all, unlike my unbirthday, this "special" day happens only once a year! And a birthday weekend means I get to celebrate it with solonia and other Cappies. A birthmonth means the fun never ends! *bg*

December events, however, have left me feeling less than celebratory. Plus the 11th marks the anniversary of "face failure" (no, I don't just happen to remember that! I found it while rereading old blog posts), and my mind is now drifting back to the mystery of the faceless stranger. I'm just too tired to really do anything.

So for now, I think, I will keep my birthday wish simple. A piece of cake and a movie. Not necessarily on the same day. If those things happen to take place during a super fun birthday weekend, fabulous! If not, then that's fine, too. I can always do a super fun unbirthday weekend sometime, right? Plus, it looks like I have to work that Saturday and Monday which won't leave me with much of a weekend anyway.

Guess what will be re released on January 13? Beauty and the Beast! I remember seeing that in our little theater downtown. I always liked Disney's Belle right from her opening song. The town didn't understand Belle and the world of her beloved books, but the rest of us sure did. :) Plus, the movie is full of wonderful songs! I'm also fond of "Cinderella" (GusGus singing his Cinderelli song! *hugs GusGus) and "Sleeping Beauty" (Rose/Aurora .. Flora! Fauna! Merryweather!) among others. "Tangled" was super awesome! Loved that. My niece's favorite happens to be "The Little Mermaid." Anyway .. since I am old enough to see a G movie in the theater all by myself, I might treat myself to a big screen viewing of Belle and her Beast. I might also ask my niece if she'd like to take me to see it for my birthday. *vbg*


Of course, I'd also like to see Hugo, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, The Muppets, The Devil Inside (maybe .. I might have to wait for the less creepy DVD version), John Carter, Dark Shadows, .. Any other suggestions? :)
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