ctegan (ctegan) wrote,

Leap Day William

Today's 30 Rock episode was all about the imaginary Leap Day William and the world of 30 Rock's strange Leap Day traditions. I wondered if there were any real traditions associated with Feb. 29 (aka "Leap Day") so I did a little research (very little since I was only mildly curious). Apparently, tradition has it Leap Day was the one day every four years when it was acceptable for a woman to propose marriage to a man. The most interesting part to me was the fact that, according to most of the sites I looked at online, the man would have to pay a penalty (gloves, a dress, a kiss, whatever) for saying "no" to this once-every-four-years opportunity. That's the legend surrounding the tradition of "ladies' privilege" anyway. Of course, the modern world places no such restriction on marriage proposals, but I'm thinkin' maybe the legendary bachelor penalty should still apply. Except we should update it for 2012 .. you know, for the iPad generation. (hee!)

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