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random things for a beautiful day

* Just returned (around 4pm) from a two-part walk. I ended up walking almost five miles (4.95) for the total of the two parts which is okay for today. :) First part of the walk was fairly short because I was overdressed and was still sleepy. I ended up returning home after a half hour or so to change and tie my hair back (before heading out for my walk, part deux). That's what I get for taking a walk after waking up from an hour+ nap without checking the temperature outside first. Second part of the walk was better. I was able to walk at a brisker pace and so ended up re-energizing myself a bit. I definitely feel better after the (two-part) walk, and I'm glad I opted to do that at 1:30 this afternoon instead of taking another nap (which I could have easily done). Walking, especially in the sunshine, always makes me feel better and wakes me up. Hopefully it'll last for the remainder of the afternoon so I can get a few things done, starting with my laundry. ;)

Oh! and I treated myself to some ice cream (mint patty frozen yogurt) drowned in jimmies in one of those big waffle cones. Mmm, yum! Before anyone mentions the calories I just packed on by eating the ice cream after all that walking, I'm going to say I am fully aware and just don't care. The point of my walk was mostly to wake me up and hopefully make me feel better. Mission accomplished. Mint Patty rewarded. I am happy.

* Let's see .. I'm on Pinterest (ctegan72) if you want to follow me. :)

* My niece loves Karmin, and I have to admit, so do I. Definitely fun to listen to, and I like their videos, too.

* Walk for Hunger in one week. I need sunshine to get through it this year! Send me some sunshine! :)

* nothing new in writing, filmmaking, reading, etc. Still have to review two books! Saw Hunger Games in March and liked it. I also got to see The Artist last weekend; I highly recommend it.

* I'm thinking of hosting a Passengers of 7D viewing party since I have the DVD. Will let you know if/when I decide to do that.

* and now, it's time to do laundry! (oh, how exciting! /end sarcasm *g*) and then write some letters! (yay! I love letters!)
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