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Bookmarks, Growing Alice, Sunshine and Vampires

Earlier today I mailed off some more bookmarks to a loyal, repeat visitor to my etsy shop. I had a blast decorating the envelope. I'm such a geek! lol

It was sunny and hot, but not as hot as the last few days. The breeze was lovely, and strangely at times, I wondered if I should have worn jeans instead of shorts, but then the breeze would stop blowing, the sun would do it's thing, and all doubts in my choice in clothing would vanish! Grabbed an iced coffee and a bagel .. and I'm done for the day! Unless I somehow manage to find myself walking along a waterfront somewhere or through a little seaside town, I don't think I'll be walking for extended periods of time today .. if at all. Nope, today is a crafty day, a day for letters, Sims playing and Dark Shadows episodes.

The woman I'd mailed the bookmarks to sent me a very sweet message a few minutes ago, and it has put me in a very good mood. She said my Growing Alice bookmark is her absolute favorite on the planet, and I'm so happy to hear it. I make things I enjoy making and would enjoy using, and it's always great to hear from someone else who likes my things as much as I do. lol I always feel like doing a little cheer when something sells. Sort of a "yay! someone likes my stuff! so happy to send it off to a good home where it will be cherished and make someone smile!." Of course, after I send a package off, my brain screams, "omg! what if it gets ruined in the mail or they *hate* it? they're going to figure out I don't know what I'm doing! please let it make it there safely! omg!!!", and I end up nervously holding my breath for several days until I hear something. So to get a sweet, thoughtful message like that even before she receives the package makes me a very happy person. Of course my brain will still murmur nervously to me over the next few days; it wouldn't be my brain if it didn't. I can't completely relax until the bookmarks are safely in her hands, but at least I know when they do arrive, the bookmarks will be received with much cheer. :)

Every once in a while, I play with the thought of actually making some extra income with my stuff. Right now it's more of a hobby. What cash I bring in goes toward funding the hobby, but it doesn't completely pay for itself; it helps alleviate the pains of withdrawal from my wallet. lol I'm afraid I get all starry eyed when I see supplies if you know what I mean. ;) But now and then, I consider taking it more "seriously" and actually doing some number crunching, etc., with the hopes of bringing in extra cash above and beyond my expenses. This year I thought about having a table at my town's street fair in September. Sort of a market research test. Find out what interest there might be (away from the etsy shop), get some feedback, etc., and use that to help me decide if turning my hobby into a little side business would be worth the time and expense. In fact, I went yesterday to ask the fair organizers what permits, if any, I might need. (From my research, some towns require seller permits, hawker/peddler licenses, etc. I don't want any surprises and get hit with fees & such because I don't have the proper permits. Any costs, in addition to the table, have to be taken into account. After all, I need to buy supplies to build up an inventory, get displays, etc., etc.. It's not just get a table, throw a few items on top, cross my fingers and hope for the best. Or at least, it shouldn't be. I need to have an idea of how much this will cost me before I try something like this.) The fair organizer person said I didn't need anything, but she also seemed confused by the idea that a hobbyist would want to get a table and said she'd "never heard of such a thing before." She basically told me that only businesses get the tables and thought it was really odd that I was interested in doing so. She indicated I could put in an application, along with the fee, and it would be reviewed by the guy in charge. But again she'd "never heard of such a thing before." (I was actually thinking of sharing a table with my sis and 8 year old niece. My niece would like to make some earrings and bracelets to sell, and she fell in love with bottle cap magnets the other day at my house. lol)

Needless to say I was very disappointed with the response. Monday I plan on checking with the town hall re: permits, but I think I'll pass on the September street fair and maybe start with something smaller. A local, little arts & crafts fair would be a better bet than the big ol' street extravaganza anyway. Something small with other hobby crafters would be more my speed, and I would still get good feedback there. Maybe even better feedback than I would've gotten at the street festival. ;)

Anyway .. time to watch a good old vampire soap opera!
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