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Happy Fourth!

I'm trying to imagine all the people on the Esplanade being evacuated due to a storm (complete with lightning) and filing into the tunnels or into Cambridgeside Galleria. Sounds like the Pops concert will start up again after 10:20. What a story they have to tell!

We had a "private" fireworks display, from what seemed like several directions. Watched it for a bit on the front porch. Very cool. We had something similar last year, too, but last year's fireworks display was more dramatic.

I typed too soon. A very "dramatic" series of pops and bangs caused us to rush outside. We just saw an up close and personal fireworks show on the street corner near us!!! Just now. It happened so fast, I didn't react in time to grab my camera, and when I rushed back outside it owas over. My mom was shouting, "That was awesome! Do it again!" afterwards. Then a police car drove up and said to the guy who set off this box of fireworks "pick that up." (My mom spoke to another police officer to drove by. The officer said they're trying to get/stop the people who are setting it up. "No, mam. It's not the town who's doing this," he told her.)

Let's see .. lots happened over the last week.

Saturday I'd planned to see the Blue Angels at the Portsmouth Air Show with ludens99, but we ended up going to the see the Tall Ships instead. Very hot but very fun. We went aboard the Dewaruci (Indonesia), Gloria (columbia), Guaya (Ecuador) and the Cisne Branco (Brazil) on the Fish Pier. We then walked down to the North Jetty to tour the aircraft carrier USS Wasp. On the walk back to South Station, I did offer to pay for our silver line ride back to South Station, but L. said, "No, we'll keep suffering." Okay, L., whatever you say! lol

My sis C. came to visit for the weekend, too, and she was at the house when I returned to Norwoodopia. :)

Sunday was a sister day of hanging out and watching the latest POTC movie. :)

Tuesday we went to see fireworks in Franklin. Barbecue at T.&M.'s before we all smooshed into T.'s car and headed to M.'s workplace to watch. Beetles kept dive bombing me, but the mosquitoes weren't biting so I didn't mind. Or should I say they weren't biting me. Apparently C. is a much tastier snack than I am. *g* The fireworks started late, but they were well worth the waiting, I think. I had an iced coffee in hand so I was happy either way. We saw smiley faces, fairy dust, nebulas, dragons, tadpoles, drapols (dragon/tadpole combo) and other assorted colorful explosions. And yes, those were the names we gave the various fireworks that went off. lol My mom, C. and Bean burst into song while waiting for the fireworks to start .. songs from "that mountain movie" (Sound of Music) and patriotic songs like "God Bless America." I learned new lyrics, too. ".. from the mountains to the valleys to the oceans .. what's it for?" LOL! No, I won't tell you who sang that line. It was lots of fun, including our journey there where we took a wrong turn and had T. talk us back onto the correct road. :)

A little adventure .. check. :)

And Italian cookies. Love Italian cookies. lol

Today C. & I picked up a few things at the store before returning home for lunch. I actually got to see the Children's Parade for the first time! So cute. One of my little neighbors walked in it pushing her baby carriage. I also saw some people from the office, chatted with some briefly, and saw a few others I "know" in the parade. The parade itself was fun, long but once again, spaced improperly (which is why it was so long). The parade would've been shorter if they just marched right after each other because there weren't as many floats or bands as in previous years. The crowd watching was a little smaller than previous years, too. Maybe the heat and humidity had something to do with it? I didn't take too many pictures, and I doubt the ones I took came out well, but that's okay.

edited to add: The funniest thing happened, too. Well, I thought it was pretty funny. The Ancient Mariners Fife and Drum Corps (aka "The Pirates" - that's what we call them *g*) were marching by. They stopped, shot their cannon and set off the alarm of the jewelry store across the street! It definitely made me laugh. I texted a friend about it, but since I got no response, I figure it's one of those funny things you'd have to be there to appreciate. lol

I had fun this year. Partly because, unlike last year, I wasn't wondering why if I had informal plans to meet up with someone, the person wasn't there and hadn't called. Yes, informal isn't definite, but still, a phone call, text, email or fb message would've been nice, especially since the informal plan to hang out at the parade had been confirmed earlier in the day. I ended up concerned something had happened (illness came to mind for some reason) and would've appreciated a heads up so I didn't have to wonder. Those who know me well know how much I dislike limbo (set in a holding pattern .. waiting .. and wondering if I should stop waiting or continue to do so), and there was no limbo this year. I made no such plans - informal, formal or otherwise (other than hanging at the parade with my mom) .. no limbo (self-imposed or otherwise) = no disappointment, makes for a happy ctegan at the Norwoodopia parade!

Another reason I had fun at the parade? I received several texts saying "happy fourth of july" from several people. That was really nice. One of my favorites? "Happy America's free day!" lol All the various texts made me smile. :) Plus my t-shirt was very comfortable and soft. That is always a plus. lol

And lastly? I went out for ice cream with my friend D. (ice cream!!) and as always, had a very nice time. Beautiful night .. and there was a gorgeous, large, read moon in the sky! Very cool. We also saw the mystery fireworks, from several different directions, as we were heading back. Great way to end the Fourth of July!
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