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Various Random Items of Note

* I have seven, very itchy mosquito bites on my left leg, probably from last night's excursion. My left leg must be the tastier leg of the two. There are no bites to be seen on the right leg.

* Despite the mosquito bites, I'm happy I went out last night for a bit. note to self: use bug spray next time!

* We have a bee hive or nest somewhere near the front porch per my uncle. Guess he disturbed the nest because he was stung while mowing the lawn today. I haven't noticed any honey bee hives anywhere. Hopefully this was a random incident, and we don't have yellow jackets or hornets somewhere by the front porch. To be safe, I used the back porch to enter the house after work today.

* Current temperature at 6:00pm is 82 degrees.

* Computer issues at work. Specifically, there is an issue with a vitally necessary program. I can't open it on either computer!!! I couldn't get anything done (no billing, no appointments, no getting together of Monday's records) and spent the day trying to figure out what the heck was going on. I still don't know. As you can probably guess, this is not good. (Boss knows, but I have to tell L. tonight since she'll have to deal with it tomorrow.)

* I have tomorrow off. Normally a day off will spur me to do a happy dance and post a big "Yay!" Part of me wishes I didn't take the day off. There's just too much to do because of the computer issues.
Part of me thinks I'm insane for regretting the day off, even for a moment.

* Missing friends, new and old. It's sometimes sad when we lose touch, isn't it?

* I'm debating whether or not to take a nice walk this evening. I haven't been walking as much as I normally would be at this time of the year. It's been hot, and I was spoiled by having a walking buddy last year (although that was in the spring of last year -- no walking buddies in the summer - lol). This leads to laziness on my part; no motivation to go out for a stroll right now. Plus, the mosquitoes might eat me alive .. and the darned beetles keep dive bombing me! I swear they're kamikaze beetles. Beanie told me they have diving beetles in CT last weekend. One of them dove straight down into her grandma's coffee. Definitely some kamikaze action going on.

* I just googled "kamikaze beetle" and discovered I'm not the only one who has encountered this! lol
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