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On the Topic of Being a Gentleman

I saw a post on Facebook about how a "true" gentleman would never "take seriously" a woman (or "girl" as this poster said) who complained about hangovers all the time. And I completely get what he was "trying" to say: If you don't want to wake up with a hangover, then don't drink to excess. Although I was never a drinker, I know that many college aged adults are. That got me thinking, and I think a true gentleman would hand a young woman some aspirin for her hangover and not make judgement calls on her as a person.

So how would I define a gentleman? I'm not sure but maybe something like this ... A gentleman (or a lady) exhibits chivalrous behavior, not simply as a show or to impress others, but because that is a part of who they are. This means being kind and courteous to anyone, including strangers. They respect people (including themselves). It doesn't mean you are any better than anyone around you although you might hold yourself to a higher standard. It doesn't mean you treat others with disdain if they don't meet the same standard you hold for yourself, and although you are polite and display "good manners," it doesn't mean you are a pushover and should always hold your tongue. A gentleman is judged partly on how he carries himself/behaves but mostly on how he treats others (and not only how he treats his current love interest).

So, what do you think defines a gentleman (or a lady) in everyday life? (not in the sense of nobility or someone who is a person of leisure) and how do you think a "real gentleman" would behave toward a "girl" who complained about yet another hangover?
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